Peer Review


Articles, short papers, and data papers are anonymized and evaluated by a member of the Editorial Board and two external reviewers. The Editorial Board, which meets 5 to 6 times a year, makes the final decision.

The Editors-in-chief reserve the right to decline, without external review, submissions that do not correspond to the journal’s editorial policy.

Changes to content will be discussed with the author. The journal reserves the right to edit for style and form. Authors will receive a PDF file of their edited, formatted work for review.



  • Relevance of subject matter
  • Originality and importance of the research question; contribution to knowledge
  • Appropriate and extensive literature review
  • Rigorous and well-articulated methodology
  • Clear and accurate presentation of results
  • Thorough interpretation and discussion of results
  • Quality of argument
  • Quality of writing


Decisions of the Editorial Board

Response to authors: several days for manuscripts not sent for peer review, otherwise 3 to 5 months after submission.


  • Accepted subject to minor revisions
  • Accepted subject to major revisions
  • Revise and resubmit. As it stands, the manuscript is not accepted, but the author may submit a new version to be re-examined by the Editorial Board. The new version will undergo several reviews, at least one by a new external reviewer.
  • Accepted pending transformation of an article into a short paper or vice versa.
  • Declined