Manuscript Categories

Population publishes original research on population issues in France and around the world. It welcomes research approaches grounded in demography and related disciplines, such as sociology, economics, anthropology, history, geography, political science, epidemiology, public health, etc. The journal publishes methodological studies, theoretical analyses, and empirical research results concerning all regions of the world and all periods. It is aimed at researchers as well as a broader readership including teachers, students, experts, and policymakers.


Articles, short papers, and data papers (submitted in English)

  • Research articles: 8,000 words maximum (including footnotes and appendices but excluding references) and a maximum of 10 tables and figures combined.
  • Short papers (research notes): 4,000 words maximum (including footnotes and appendices but excluding references) and a maximum of five tables and figures combined.
  • Data papers: 4,000 words maximum (including footnotes and appendices but excluding references). These short articles present original data for population studies from surveys, administrative databases, contextual databases, groups of sources for comparisons, etc.

All submissions in English must include an abstract of no more than 150 words and five to eight keywords.

Online supplementary material may be provided. It must be deposited in a non-commercial repository and have a DOI. This material will not be edited or translated, and is not featured in the printed version of the journal (for more information, see Submission Guidelines).


Thematic features

A thematic feature is a set of articles (possibly including short papers and data papers) on a common theme and/or relating to the same survey results.

For all proposals, the feature coordinator should submit the articles along with an introductory text. Each article is independently evaluated under the journal’s standard peer-review procedure. The decision and anonymous reviewers’ feedback are sent to the authors, and the coordinator is informed of the decisions related to each article.

Four to six articles per issue are typically published in Population’s thematic features. If more than six articles on a topic are accepted, the feature may be spread over several issues. If fewer than four articles are selected, they may be published separately, outside of the thematic feature.



These are short critiques (1,500 words maximum) of articles previously published in the journal. As a condition of publication, the Editorial Board evaluates the commentary’s scientific relevance. Article authors have a right of reply to these commentaries.


Book reviews

This section features reviews of recent publications and may be thematically organized. The length of each book review varies between 450 and 1,350 words.

Reviews must be unpublished. They can be submitted in English or French, regardless of the language of the publication reviewed. The journal covers translation coordination and costs.

Published book reviews reflect the views of their authors only and do not entail a right of reply by the authors of the publications reviewed.