After Acceptance

Accepted version (or post-print)

Revised manuscripts must be sent along with a detailed description of how the Editorial Board’s comments or requests have been addressed. The manuscript is finally approved upon review of the version accepted by the Editorial Board. This final approval is conditional on the author’s adherence to the guidelines on formatting the text, references, data citations, and any online supplementary material.


When the work is finally approved, the author will receive an email along with a copy of the accepted version.

The author can publish this accepted version (or post-print) immediately on the author’s personal website or institutional web page.

It can be published in a non-commercial repository only after 12 months have passed since final approval.


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Publishing agreement and licence

A contract will be sent to the author and any co-authors.

Under this contract, the author grants non-exclusive permission to the journal to publish the author’s contribution in print and digital formats.

The author is therefore welcome to deposit the accepted version of the contribution in a non-commercial repository at the very day it is published in Population.

The author also authorizes the journal to publish the contribution as open access under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

This licence allows users to copy and distribute the published article in any medium or format, in unmodified form only and for non-commercial purposes, provided the author is credited.


Manuscript editing and translation

Accepted submissions are edited by professional editors (native speakers of English and French) and formatted by graphic designers to ensure optimal clarity and readability of texts, tables, and figures (checking of spelling, punctuation, and references; standardization, structuring, graphic design, and quality control).

Population coordinates and covers the cost of translations, which are provided by professional translators specialized in demography and the social sciences.

The translations are reviewed by the journal’s editors.

Authors must agree to read, correct, and return the edited and translated versions and pre-proofs by the deadlines set by the journal’s editors.

Before publication, the journal’s editors will send the author the final proofs for review.


Publication deadlines

The English and French versions of the edited article are published simultaneously within 12 months following the approval of the final version by the Editors-in-chief.