Submission guidelines

Languages: French or English

Manuscript length:

Articles: not to exceed 60,000 characters.

Short papers: not to exceed 30,000 characters.

Maximum lengths include blank spaces, tables (2,000 characters each), figures (3,000 characters each), appendices, references, the abstract (160-200 words) and keywords (5-8).

Text, tables and figures: Text and tables should be in MS-Word format; figures and maps should be sent in a separate file along with the datasets that were used to produce them (especially for Excel figures). Authors should ensure that the title, legend and source are clearly indicated on each table, figure and map.

Mathematical formulas: to be numbered in the right-hand margin, referenced in the body of the text and legibly presented.

Footnotes: to be numbered sequentially; should not contain tables or illustrations.

References: to be presented at the end of the article, in alphabetical order and chronologically for each author; to be indicated in the body of the text as (Laslett, 1977), (Ekert-Jaffé et al., 2002; Delbès and Gaymu, 2005).

They should adopt the following style (surname in capitals, followed by first name in lower case for each author):

For a journal article: EKERT-JAFFÉ Olivia, JOSHI Heather, LYNCH Kevin, MOUGIN Rémi, RENDALL Michael, 2002, “Fertility, timing of births and socioeconomic status in France and Britain: social policies and occupational polarization”, Population, 57(3), pp. 475-508.

For a book: LASLETT Peter, 1977, Family Life and Illicit Love in Earlier Generations. Essays in Historical Sociology, Cambridge/London/New York, Cambridge University Press, 270 p.

For a book chapter: GUILMOTO Christophe Z., ATTANÉ Isabelle, 2005, “The geography of deteriorating child sex ratio in China and India” in Attané Isabelle and Guilmoto Christophe Z. (eds.), Watering the Neighbour’s Garden. The Growing Female Deficit in Asia, Paris, CICRED, pp. 109-130.

The French version only includes a Bibliographie critique [book reviews] section with reviews of around ten selected publications covering a particular theme. The reviews reflect the views of their signatories only and do not entail a right of reply or comment on the part of the authors concerned.

  • Authors agree not to submit their manuscript to any other journal pending the decision of the Editorial Committee.
  • The Editorial Committee reserves the right to return to authors, before examination by the referees, any manuscripts that do not comply with the presentation requirements defined above.
  • For all published texts, the editors reserve the right to modify the form of the submissions. Any change of content will be discussed with the author, and all contributors will have the opportunity to review the proofs.

Send the paper to: