Catriona Dutreuilh

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Vol. 74, 2019/1
Vol. 71, 2016/1

Alfred Sauvy and Immigration

Commentary on the short paper published in 1946 in the first issue of <i>Population</i>

Seventieth Anniversary of Population

Vol. 64, 2009/1

The Demography of East and Southeast Asia from the 1950s to the 2000s

A Summary of Changes and a Statistical Assessment

Vol. 63, 2008/4

Comparing Qualitative Harmonic Analysis and Optimal Matching

An Exploratory Study of Occupational Trajectories

Vol. 61, 2006/4
Vol. 61, 2006/4
Vol. 60, 2005/4

Two Children or Three?

Influence of Family Policy and Sociodemographic Factors

The demographic situation in France

Vol. 60, 2005/1

Disability in French Prisons

How Does the Situation Differ from That of the General Population?