Quality of age reporting: extension and application of the modified Whipple's index

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By Thomas Spoorenberg, Catriona Dutreuilh


On the basis of modifications to the original Whipple’s index, this short paper proposes a summary general measure of age reporting quality – the total modified Whipple’s index (Wtot) – in complement to the developments proposed by Noumbissi (1992). To test its pertinence and validity, the new index is applied to sex-specific reported age data in India, Morocco and Switzerland collected at various dates. The results obtained are then compared with the Myers’ blended indices and the original Whipple’s indices obtained with the same data. This comparison shows that because the new total modified Whipple’s index is more sensitive than the original Whipple’s index, it provides a more accurate measure of age reporting quality and produces results identical to those obtained with Myers’ blended index.

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