Jonathan Mandelbaum

List of articles

Vol. 66, 2011/3

Recent Demographic Developments in France

Some Differences between the Overseas Départements and Metropolitan France

The demographic situation in France

Vol. 66, 2011/2

Occupational Mobility and Mortality in France

Links Confirmed for Men, Emergent for Women


Vol. 62, 2007/2

Did the Prevalence of Disability in France Really Fall Sharply in the 1990s?

A Discussion of Questions asked in the French Health Survey

Short paper

Vol. 60, 2005/3

Economic Crisis and Mortality:

The Case of Antananarivo, 1976-2000

Vol. 59, 2004/1

The Demography of a Learned Society

The Académie des Sciences (Institut de France), 1666-2030